Klaus-Günter Jacobi’s Contribution To The World

If socialism is such a great economic system, why have so many people died trying to escape it?

Risking imprisonment, torture and death, Klaus-Günter Jacobi modified a BMW Isetta to help his friend escape the oppression of East Germany in 1963. Nine others were able to escape using the same method.

[Escaping East Berlin in a 1961 BMW Isetta [via]. Short vid here.]

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

4 thoughts on “Klaus-Günter Jacobi’s Contribution To The World”

  1. I read an article about this story decades ago. It is amazing how
    he got away with this in a car the size of Isetta! In a much larger
    car, another escapee had himself sealed in a gas tank. The tank
    had a welded in a tank within a tank. The range was so limited
    that it had to be refiled just on the other side of the checkpoint.

    What is it they say about necessity being the mother of invention?


  2. That’s OK Bunk. I have both the movie and E-book of Escape From
    Sobibor. But If I run across a hard copy, I would ship it to you. I
    moved to the High Desert of California about 4 years ago and gave
    about 500 books to the Salvation Army to lighten the load. My
    passions are science (especially physics and astronomy.) WWII
    and holocaust biographies.


  3. Leonard– Yeah, I was snarking. I’ll look up Sobibor.

    Marcus Luttrell’s Lone Survivor was so good I read it twice. Jim Lovell’s The Lost Moon is another white-knuckle read, and I read that one more than once as well.


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