Saturday Matinee – Propellerheads w/ Shirley Bassey, Harry & The Howlers, and (the other) Roy Rogers

Propellerheads, with Shirley Bassey, the Welsh vocalist known for her renditions of themes to three James Bond movies.

“Propellerheads were a British big beat music band, formed in 1995, from Bath made up of electronic producers Will White and Alex Gifford. The term ‘Propellerhead’ is Californian slang for a computer nerd, and when Gifford and White heard a friend from California drop this into conversation, they thought it the perfect name for their band.”

From Birmingham, UK, Harry & The Howlers features what Harry (Haley) Jordan calls “sleaze-fuelled rock and roll.”

Roy Rogers is one of those guitslingers who doesn’t need a backup band to sound good, but give him one and the results are amazing.

Have a blessed Easter.


Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

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