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25% Less Fat Hot Links

Sunday, 7 December 2014


Human produced CO2 is responsible for everything. Lol.

Interesting concept: an online collaborative to write stories with multiple authors in real time.

How to make a very cool simple electric train.

Fun facts to know and tell:

Bears’ closest living relatives are pinnipeds (seals, sea lions and walruses).

Pinnipeds’ closest living relatives are bears and musteloids (skunks, weasels and raccoons).

The German word for “raccoon” is Waschbär, which translates literally to “Wash Bear.”

Here’s a naked bear. Here’s a naked raccoon.

Big Chief Buffalo Nickel.

Viral video by Russel Houghton – Urban Isolation. L.A. without traffic.

Why is The Parkside Inn Motel (Bundoora, Australia) ranked No.1? Because there’s no No. 2. Interesting reviews. [via]

This is possibly The Greatest DooWop song ever recorded, by The Channels.

Your Telephone Of Tomorrow: Fairly accurate prediction from September 1956, and source of the *ahem* top image.

P.S. We get notifications of new followers from time to time, and we like to see who you are, so we stop by your blogs out of curiosity. Our readers are an eclectic mix of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities and nationalities. We’ve known this for years, courtesy of WordPress, RevolverMaps and other sources.

That said, here’s the website of a recent follower, both disturbing and fascinating at the same time. NSFK except as a warning to those who choose to tread a similar path.


The .Gif Friday Post No.250 – Conceptual Art Fail, Black Bear Fight Fail, Little Flapper Win

Friday, 19 October 2012

[Found here, here and here.]

Update: Thanks for the linkys, Buzzfeed!

The .Gif Post No.233 – Wavy Bears, The 10 O’Clock Nose & Thobbing Blob Fish

Friday, 15 June 2012

[1st one from here, the 2nd snot funny and the BlobThrob is mine.]

Saturday Matinee: Bears

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Proof that the news media is biased.  Forget the pier! I wanna know more about the bear!
[From SPLHCS.]

“Stupid dopey trash-rap a-comin’, comin’ up. Whoa.
Guy in a bear suit, with rappin’ comin’ up. Whoa.
Patient wit da video, be patient comin’ up. Whoa.
Babe Magnet, bear suit, all be comin’ up. Whoa

[Lyrics from “In’ Up-Whoa” by MC Daddy BS, Strutts Music 2008.]

Actually SoulJah Bear is kinda funny to me, especially with the video editor’s comments.  Kinda almost cool, just like The Howlies.  Here’s SoulJah Bear’s obvious inspiration:

Bunky remembers Dancing Bear in black and white.  Bunky really liked Captain Kangaroo.  Bunky really didn’t like Scary Dancing Bear.

Pachuca Sunrise,” Minus the Bear.

Daughter Bunkessa heard this song as “I Come From a Land of Hunger.” It’s got a bear in it, too.

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