The Ol’ Fishy Holes

Found via google image search and yeah, I really was looking for canned fish assholes.

German Cat Milk – (Me: “Eeeew”)


Mit verbesserter Rezeptur. I’d buy the stuff just for the Rezeptur.

Is it just for German Cats? If it’s for cats, I assume it’s for Mr. Boots’ breakfast bowl of Chocolate Mousey Flaver-O’s.

But if it’s from German cats… well, some things I just don’t wanna know.

[Image from here.]

(I Can Has Cheezburger?)



Ah, um…


Bunk can tolerate microwaved frozen sliders, and experienced the joys of igde pshat and the Habañero, but I have to draw the line at this canned delicacy. For now.

[Story found here. Image found via link. Original story, um, I dunno. Maybe here. In English or Spanish, it’s still wrong.]

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