Little Amphibious Gutter Demons

[Found here.]

Yay! Froggies! Collect ‘Em All!

Collect ’em all!

[Found here.]

Update: I think I found the original source (NSFK) for the photo with this caption:

“I saw a freshly poured sidewalk that was besieged with these during the night. Hundreds of the poor bastards got trapped and left tiny imprints of their contorted bodies.”

Food Chain Blink

“Like watching something you shouldn’t.”

[Found here.]

Saturday Matinee: Frogs, Mojo, Jello, BoneBot & Bees

[Amazing collection of frogs from here. Thanx, Dan.]

[Excellent find from Aussie Phil.]

Odd and mildly disturbing just doesn’t describe it. [Via MB.]

Mojo & Jello Biafra make their point?

Yep. Payback time. This song made me smile even before I posted THIS video (which BTW was our very first post).

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