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Saturday Matinee – Wingsuit Fail, Honey Cakes, Karen Marie (with Postmodern Jukebox) & Buddy Guy

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Wingsuit fail vid from Corcovado, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
[SFK. Yeah, as horrible and disturbing as it is,  it’s SFK.]

Bees in China [via].

Karen Marie‘s take on Little Willie John‘s “Fever” (done in 12 styles with Postmodern Jukebox). It kept my attention, even though the video erroneously credits Peggy Lee for the song. LWJ recorded it in 1956;  two years later Peggy Lee covered it.

Here’s the great Buddy Guy and his take on the song. And with that we’re out. Have a great weekend, folks. See you soon.

Saturday Matinee: Frogs, Mojo, Jello, BoneBot & Bees

Saturday, 17 January 2009

[Amazing collection of frogs from here. Thanx, Dan.]

[Excellent find from Aussie Phil.]

Odd and mildly disturbing just doesn’t describe it. [Via MB.]

Mojo & Jello Biafra make their point?

Yep. Payback time. This song made me smile even before I posted THIS video (which BTW was our very first post).

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