Saturday Matinee – The Birds, The Ramones, The Lovell Sisters & The Reverend Horton Heat

The 2nd vid provides the soundtrack for the 1st. View the 1st while listening to the 2nd.


The flocking grackles(?) were recorded in a Walmart parking lot somewhere in Texas.

The Ramones covered the Trashmen righteously.
The latter took their name from a 1961 song by Kai Ray (aka Ray Caire) “Trashman’s Blues.”

The Lovell Sisters play roots-country/bluegrass, and that vid is from 2009. 2/3rds of The Lovell Sisters comprise Larkin Poe, and they just released their 5th studio album.

The first recorded (and published) version of “Jesus Make Up My Dying Bed” was by Blind Willie Johnson in 1927, but the origins of the hymn are unknown – it may date to 1600s England.

Apparently the Reverend Horton Heat got a Whole New Life in 2018, two full years ahead of the rest of us.

Have a great weekend folks, now that our keepers have generously returned a bit of freedom. I’m gonna get a haircut and eat cheeseburgers, and I dare anyone to stop me. See you back here tomorrow unless the apocalypse is expedited.

Nothing Much Happened Today.

Democrat National Convention 2016

Leaving the 2016 Democrat National Convention?

The Astonishing Annual Red Crab Migration
Each year millions of bright red land crabs leave their burrow homes on Australia’s Christmas Island and start a long, laborious trek toward the sea. They descend cliffs, climb banks and maneuver around obstacles to reach the shoreline and lay their eggs, eventually returning to the island’s central plateau with their offspring in tow. The synchronized migration resembles a crimson-colored river undulating across the island and can last up to 18 days. The event typically takes place in November or December (the crabs will only move when it’s raining) and coincides with the turning of high tide and the arrival of the waning moon.
[Image and caption found here.]

Yay! Froggies! Collect ‘Em All!

Collect ’em all!

[Found here.]

Update: I think I found the original source (NSFK) for the photo with this caption:

“I saw a freshly poured sidewalk that was besieged with these during the night. Hundreds of the poor bastards got trapped and left tiny imprints of their contorted bodies.”

The .Gif Friday Post No.238 – CRABS!

The red crab is by far the most obvious of the 14 species of land crabs on Christmas Island. Every year over 150 million red crabs move from inland shelters to the shore for their annual breeding season. This occurs at the beginning of the wet season (usually October/November).

That synchronized QuadriCombo of .gifs makes for a stand-alone post here, and it’s true that some crabs suddenly materialize while others disappear into vapors. More info at this awesome site – “Colors of Fauna.”

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