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The Library

Thursday, 10 February 2011

“Honey, if anyone calls, I’m busy. See you in a coupla days.”
On the plus side, there are no worries if you run out of toilet paper as long as you’re familiar with the Spiegel catalog routine.

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Pure Awesome.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

There’s entirely waaaaay too much awesome in that photo and it all starts with

the olive carpet that moves to the brown paisley drapes with the cream scrim then to the air rattler in the window and HEY it’s a stereo Magnavox TV awww there’s a baby picture WHOA RABID FOX awww another baby picture WTF IS THAT WHITE THING and an odd looking glasstop credenza with an oriental tobacco box and a brass genie lamp and LOOKOUT IT’S A SHARK ASHTRAY!

Maybe that’s not how your eyes strolled around this picture, but it’s still Pure Awesome. I miss my grandparents. They’d never put up with garbage like this, because their garbage had class. Just like yours.

[Image found here.]

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