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Ike Can’t See Clearly Now, Lorena’s Gone. Ike Can’t Seal All Opticals In Mauway.

Monday, 7 October 2019

Her pet turtle burped as she took the photo and the turtle focused for the first time. I have no idea who Lorena or Ike are, and I had to google Mauway. I think it’s somewhere in the Philippines near Manila. All I know is that they make great reusable large envelopes and folders there.

[Image with story found here. Post title from here.]

Saturday Matinee: Translations

Saturday, 11 July 2009

[Tip o’ the Tarboosh to Nicole for the ferrettage link.]

“Oh Liver! Don’t you know I gotta LEG?!”
[Another Tip o’ the Tarboosh to Dan S. in Idaho for this gem  Happy Birthday, Dan.]

Ben E. and I jest…

This one is a repost. It keeps getting yanked from the Utoobage, but it keeps growing back like a fungus. I love it.

Other good news:  Tube No. 1 restored “Dance Girl,” so the link HERE has been repaired.

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