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“Why, yes. It IS a steering wheel.”

Thursday, 30 April 2015


“It’s a modified 1924 Allis-Chalmers,” she explained as the Vulcan’s eyes drifted ever so slightly to the dual temperature gauges.
“I should step out during the next solo jam and adjust the thermostat,” he mused to himself.

SpockRock 2

After turning up the air conditioning, The Vulcan found his buddies playing air guitar in the hallway. It made him proud.

SpockRock 3

The set ended quickly and when The Vulcan returned, the truth overwhelmed him: she was gone forever. She’d downed her whiskey sours, leaving nothing but lipstick on his empty shot glass and a bar tab of 98 Federation Credits, not counting the tip.

“Hit me again, Joe. Make it a double,” The Vulcan mumbled to no one in particular. He lit up his last unfiltered Tribble, inhaled deeply, tilted his head back and blew a perfect Figure 8 at the fire sprinkler head above the juke box. For the first time in his life, he grinned – a big toothy Vulcan grin.

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A Red Cottage Stands On A Small Hill

Sunday, 26 August 2012

A red cottage stands on a small hill. Seen from afar it appears in good shape there among the bushes, but closer up one sees the boarded windows and rotted steps. The people have gone.

I peek in through the window. Inside it looks lived in. People have left their mark: wrinkled rag rugs, things on the table and on the edge of the toppled fireplace. Toys and tops of cooking pots strewn across the floor, a torn bag in the corner. As for the current occupants, sand and dry hay, chewed items and the path under the stove tell of them.

The cottage is being used by badgers…

[Image and prose from here. Related post here.]

The .Gif Friday Post No.186 – The Yes Man

Friday, 29 July 2011

The perfect assistant. The builder of esteem. The positive influence.

While you think he’s just being agreeable, he has nefarious purposes known only to him. Never trust The Yes Man.

The Yes Man says, “Go ahead. Do it. It’s the right thing to do. You’re on the right track,” and then he kicks you in the nuts and steals your lunch. He smiles while telling you lies that you can’t detect until it’s too late. He’s always encouraging you to jump.

The Yes Man is not a team player, regardless of what he says. By all accounts, he gets along with the group, yet he’s always looking out for Number One. Unfortunately, you’re Number Two – at most.

So who is The Yes Man? He’s the voice in the back of your head who won’t shut up. He yammers constantly, sings songs you can’t stand. He keeps you awake at night, then tells you to relax, it’s nothing. Then he tells you that it’s time to wake up and go back to sleep.

You are The Yes Man, and no, you’re not sorry.

©2011 Bunk Strutts

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