Saturday Matinee – Clanadonia, Mickey Hart / Planet Drum & Joe Bonamassa with Tina Guo

How ’bout something primal? Nothing better than Scottish tribal drums and bagpipes. Clanadonia is what it is, and it’s loud. “The Last of the Glaswegians” is going to be stuck in my head for days.

Mickey Hart & Planet Drum perform “Fire On The Mountain” (24 July 1999, Rome, New York).

Amazing speed cellist Tina Guo jams it with Joe Bonamassa on “Woke Up Dreaming” at Carnegie Hall (June 2017?). Takes them a bit to get in synch, then it soars. Guo’s take on Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” is fun, too.

Have a great weekend folks.

Christmas In Portland

Christmas In Portland

#DarthVader caroling with flaming #bagpipes in a #kilt while on a #unicycle in #Portland. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from #Twitter.

[Found here.]

Sunday Matinee – Liverdance, Falling Down Slow, Amboy Dukes

[h/t Internet Septic Tank Engineer]

[Found here.]

Amboy Dukes. [Found here, where Urban Infidel has posted vids of OWS racism.]

Things have been busy around TR HQ, and I almost forgot the first post of 2012! Happy New Year evahbubby!

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