Saturday Matinee: Watchmen, Evil Rainbow Pollution, Weather Report

[Folks, I still got some computer glitches left over from earlier this week.  I had to go into safe mode just to uninstall Microdork’s Service Pack 3.  Unfortunately  the uninstall takes some stuff with it that affects FireFox as well as some other applications.  The computer was limping, now it’s walking. Tomorrow I hope to get it running again.  Guess I gotta buy more RAM.]

A friend “let” me read his cellophane-clad mint copies of the Watchmen twenty years ago. I was amazed at the level of artwork as well as the entire concept, but the final episode sucked donkeys big time.
[Karen found and posted this here.]

This video reassures me that people like her are allowed to vote.  And really now, what is oozing out of our ground?
[Video rediscovered at Wombat247.]

Weather Report was way ahead of their time jazzbo wise, or maybe they hit it at just the right time in order to get my attention.  Jaco Pastorius was amazing.

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

6 thoughts on “Saturday Matinee: Watchmen, Evil Rainbow Pollution, Weather Report”

  1. Today, I heard the first ever negative movie review given by 680 News (Toronto), and it is of the movie The Watchmen. They gave a great review of the actual comic, however. 2.5 stars out of 5. Ouch.


  2. diesel– And the thrist never ends. As a nation we need to stand up and speak truth to power, now more than ever, for the children and our children’s children, and laugh while we’re pounded into cat food.

    strider– Could be that the reviewers never read the “comic book novel,” or that the movie by itself is flawed. (Frank Herbert’s “Dune” was excellent, and if I hadn’t read it, the movie would have been even more confusing than the piece of Shar-Pei that it was.)


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