Ghost Riders in the Hot Links


Cool social experiment: Tweenbots [found here].

Let’s make some Zen music.

Serious 3D total immersion video here.  The eyes override the brain.

What type of Web Commenter are YOU?  Descriptions here.  (As for me, you already know.)

Learn a new language here.

Some things you can’t “unclick” and there’s a big fat honkin’ one here.

Rockhoppers got their webcam back up and running.  YAY!

Buncha Buildings Bein’ Blowed-up here.

American ancestry brief from the 2000 census (via this excellent website). Interesting that the largest percentage, 1 in 6, described their ancestry as German.  When asked, I usually describe myself as European Mutt.

The New Yorker Magazine cartoon caption contest can always be answered with “[this].”

Nice tasty archive of linkages here.

Teh Fairies Debate parleys on.  Over 1,500 delightful educated comments for your perusal.

Seven questions about drinking water here.

And a cordial reminder:  Mother’s Day does not meanBe a Pain in the Butt Day.”

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

5 thoughts on “Ghost Riders in the Hot Links”

  1. The Zen Music link is nice … it reminds me somewhat of the sounds you get from the Balldroppings application. And I had no need to avoid the link that can’t be unseen – I saw that video a few years back. I suppose now is where I start quaking and saying “The horror … the horror” with wide eyes, right? Wrong! I’ve actually heard that song on the radio. The Dr. Demento show, to be honest, but still …


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