Post 2K! WooHoo!

This is the 2,000th post on Tacky Raccoons.

Just think of all the time I could have been doing something more productive than shirking my responsibilites. On the other hand, this blog has given me much enjoyment over the years because every post was the result of a trek, an internet safari to look for and post oddities that amuse me, or at least hold my attention for more than a few seconds.

It has had it’s benefits. I’ve learned about image manipulation and editing, .gif animations, and that there are some sites out there that no one should visit. I’ve also “met” people from all over the world.

One thing that’s always puzzled me is what generates traffic. Sure, putting up a post titled “Lesbian Amputee Dwarf Porn” got a lot of hits  (it’s No. 15 on the list of most popular) but those who are really looking for it won’t find it here. With very few exceptions,  I’m still running on Anita Bath’s blogging Rule No. 1: Don’t post anything that will cause a Pastor to block the site from viewing by his 12 year-old daughter.

In case you’re curious, here are the Top Five posts that garnered the most attention since we started in 2007:

No. 1 – Another Great Christmas Gift Idea

No. 2 – LOL FERRET: Episode 1

No. 3 – Um, Nice Stained Glass?

No. 4 – Capybara Lapwarmer

No. 5 – Batmobile Babe Magnet

Are those the best posts of Tacky Raccoons? Not in my opinion, but who cares. I’m having fun, and I hope you are, too.

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

4 thoughts on “Post 2K! WooHoo!”

  1. Congratulations. That’s a lot of posts and a lot of fun. It is amazing to find what is out there. Mind you, some of the things that you find you wish you hadn’t. LOL. Best of luck for another 2,000 posts.


  2. Stan– Honored by your presence. Been following (and occasionally lifting from) TYWKIWDBI for a few years. As for the link, I’ve been aware of some nefarious things going on in the dark corners of the internest, but I wrote it off as generic trolling. The more you read about the story the more bizarre it gets.


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