Saturday Matinee – TUOOGB, Steppenwolf & Link Wray


I’m embarrassed to say that I never heard of The Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain (TUOOGB) until recently, even though they’ve been around for a while. From their website:

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain is a group of all-singing, all-strumming Ukulele players, using instruments bought with loose change, which believes that all genres of music are available for reinterpretation, as long as they are played on the Ukulele.

Great stuff. The world is your lobster if you have a bass ukulele.

Nice groove.
It’s a cover of Willie Dixons’ “Hoochie Coochie Man” by Steppenwolf at the Riverfront Festival in Louisville, KY, 7 October, 2000.

How ’bout some 1974 retro?

Link Wray played so dirty and nasty. No flourishes.
It was all in-your-face-deal-with-it-badass-rock the way it was always meant to be.

You still want toast?

Have a great weekend, folks. See you back here in a few hours.


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2 Responses to “Saturday Matinee – TUOOGB, Steppenwolf & Link Wray”

  1. Leonard Jones Says:

    Link Wray was an exceptional guitarist. He pioneered the
    “grunge guitar” sound back in the late 50s. That was a time
    when no electronic effects existed. He punched holes in
    his guitar amp speakers with a pencil to create distortions
    that produced a crude form of fuzz tone.

    His greatest hits CD is one of my all-time favorites!


  2. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Leonard J–

    Heh. I hadn’t heard the pencil-in-the-speakers story, but it doesn’t surprise me. There was a lot of low-tech experimentation back then.

    I remember creating a cheap “psychadelic” light show once. Took a couple of over-exposed Ektachrome slides, peeled them apart for the clear film. Then I put Vaseline and food coloring between the two cels and glued the cardboard slide back together. When you put the slide in the projector, the heat from the lamp caused the goop to melt and move, kinda like a lava lamp. Fun times.


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