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House Rent Boogie, John Lee Hooker, from Endless Boogie (1971). Homeschooled and illiterate, Hooker ran away from home at the age of 14. He used various pseudonyms throughout his career (including John Lee Booker, Johnny Lee, John Lee, John Lee Cooker, Texas Slim, Delta John, Birmingham Sam and his Magic Guitar, Johnny Williams, and the Boogie Man) to evade low-paying recording contracts.

Fish fight.

Knowlege is Power.

sǝssɐlפ ǝʎƎ ʇɐƆ s096Ɩ

Bioluminescent Nudes.

Welcome to Maintenance Mode.

How Canadian children are born.

20 Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Cats

Download the Hazard Fraught Tools catalog [via].

Never heard Dominick the Donkey until yesterday.
Thanks a wad, 2020.

Original Stack O’ Lee Blues (1927) by Long ‘Cleve’ Reed and Little Harvey Hill – the Down Home Boys.

An amazing thing happened when a non-communicative dementia patient heard the music of his youth.

[Top image found in an ad somewhere and I messed with it.]

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