Haruspicational Hot Links


Atomic Talking Blues (Old Man Atom), Sons of the Pioneers (1950) The song was written by Vern Partlow (1945) as a satirical protest, and was first recorded by Pete Seeger (1948).

The Word.

Possums n’ Bananas.

Get ready for Brood X.

Find the snow leopard.

NFTs and Cryptopunks.

The worst ceiling pimple.

The First Wilhelm Scream.

Sheb Wooley was the voice of The Wilhelm Scream.

Learning fluent English begins with common phrases.

I keep forgetting that Windows 10 has a hidden video editor.

Ptuey Radio plays 78s and LPs “ripped from attics, closets and estates, a garage sale for your ears.”

[Top: Image of the Barbados Cruising Club is kinda Hopperesque.]

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13 Responses to “Haruspicational Hot Links”

  1. beth Says:


  2. beautifulbarbadosblog Says:

    Rather powerful.
    Peace in the world or the world in pieces. Some would say Justice..


  3. beautifulbarbadosblog Says:

    You are welcome. Just a bit chuffed you could use any photo of mine. It does somehow go with the song/era. Pioneer was Dipper too.


  4. beautifulbarbadosblog Says:

    Hahaha. Jackie Opel?


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