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Just Wailin’, Louie Myers & the Aces (1956) Originally titled Just Whaling on Chicago’s ABCO Records. The Aces were also known as the Chicago Aces, the Four Aces, the Three Deuces, the Three Dukes, and the Jukes,  depending who they were backing. The prolific session group was comprised of brothers Louis and Dave Myers and Fred Below [BEE-low] and backed many great Chicago blues artists.


Can’t Help Myself.

Hatin’ on the brush.
[h/t Mme. Jujujive]

Inexpensive video effect.

In 2015 a monk was stolen.

Samuel Rowbotham, proto-troll.

37 years ago four men saved NYC.
[h/t Nate L.]

More from the Streets of Philly, and why some are hunched over.

Me showing Hurricane Irma all the memes we made about her.”

Then somebody said, “Let’s use by the beard of the prophet’ because that’s what Muslims say.”

[Top image of tactical plaid mom found here, story here.]

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