Carminative Hot Links

Seven Day Weekend, The New York Dolls (1973) Recorded live in New York City, 11 August 1973, and if you close your eyes they sound exactly like the 1962 original by Gary Bonds & The Church Street Five.

Gen Jones?

Missed a spot.

What Time Is It?

Mrs. Clarice DeBack.

They weren’t lying in 2019.

Dude got spooked [via Bunkerville].

Daylight Saving: Spring Forward (2014 trailer).

Breaking News. Suspect let loose minutes before arrest.

Maslenitsa, Nikola-Lenivets Park & the Tower of Babel.

Sound-powered telephones have been used since at least 1944.

[Top image: Phicoon found on FB, or maybe here.]

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Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

3 thoughts on “Carminative Hot Links”

  1. Ah, the New York Dolls. I remember buying their first two albums on 8-track when they were originally released. I didn’t even know that they were still around until I bought a new car back in 2013 and got 3 free months of Sirius satellite radio. My favorite station on there was Little Steven’s Underground Garage. He played the coolest stuff.
    One of the first songs that I ever heard on there was a relativelly new tune from the New York Dolls. It ended up being a favorite of mine. I still love it until this day……..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great song – from 2009?! I thought they went a way long before that, burned up in a daze of heroin or something. Although I knew of them I don’t recall ever hearing their stuff although a college roommate had their first record. Early punk for sure.


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