Saturday Matinee – The Deadcats, The Hi-Jivers & The Paladins

The Deadcats, hellbilly rockers from Vancouver, B.C., are/were comprised of Chopper (guitar) Gorehound (guitar), Kermit Von Munster (upright bass) & Mike Mick Tupelo (drums)… of course. Nice horn section.

UPDATE: Got a response to that vid from an online friend:
“Hi Bunk, thanks for posting Motoloco, the line up is Chopper/Gorehound-Guitar, Mick Tupelo(RIP) Upright Bass, and Kermit Von Munster on Drums. That song got used in a video game somewhere so we got paid for it. We actually opened for the Paladins once in 1996, Deadcats have been defunct for quite a while, Mick was dealing with Muscular Distrophy. Our last gig was opening for the Necromantics, 4 big guys had to lift Mike up onstage.”  – Gorehound

The Hi-Jivers mix and match roots rock, blues & country. Yep, she’s got some pipes.
Dawna Zahn – Vocals
Austin John – Guitar
Hank Miles – Upright Bass
Jason Smay – Drums

Glad to see The Paladins are still at it. I saw them years ago and remember them as the warmup band who showed up the headliner.

Looks like another monster storm coming for most of the States east of the Rockies in a couple of days. Wherever you’re at, hope the warnings are few and overstated, and we’ll be back for laundry day.




Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Matinee – The Deadcats, The Hi-Jivers & The Paladins”

    1. The Hi-Flyers seem to use up a lot of drummers and have been pared down to just Austin John and Dawna Zahn as bassman Hank Miles left recently. I don’t think they’re going away. The Paladins put on a great show the times I saw them in the 80s – the bassman was the one to pay attention to. I posted The Deadcats because I found out recently that one of them reads here. 😀

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  1. Those are some more great tunes that you’ve posted. I’ve also taken your suggestion from a previous post and checked out “The Hound” over on the sidebar. I liked it so much that I have a shortcut now on my desktop. I’ve been sorely neglecting my Honey Do list today while I work through their archives. Thank you, brother from another mother…….

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    1. Oh, man. The Hound is pure awesome.
      Took me a while to realize that they”re all recordings of live broadcasts, some date back to the 1990s, Although most of it is rock and roll, there are segments like Blues Hangover and Hillbilly Hangover that have other great obscurities, and besides announcing the playlist, they add background trivia of some of the artists. If you click on a particular archived show (found in The Hound's side bar) there are playlists that help track down the songs that make me go "What the hell was THAT?!


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