Iatromathematical Hot Links

Sea Cruise, Rico (1980) One of the most prolific session players of Jamaica’s pre-ska era, trombonist Rico Rodriguez (1934-2015) also recorded as a solo artist. He was an honorary member of The Specials, and was a longstanding member of Jools Holland’s Rhythm and Blues Orchestra.

Written by Huey “Piano” Smith, Frankie Ford scored a gold record with Sea Cruise in 1959.

If I was a bug.

Saharan sand.

1844-pack of PBR.

Instant Karma.
[via Feral Irishman]

Dinousaurs ate bees.
[via Memo of the Air]

Cornered waterspout.
[via Mme. Jujujive]

The 1933 Miami Air Races.

The Donora Smog Museum.

Animals chasing laser pointers.

Aliens – the honest movie trailer.

The number of European pigs per sq. km.
[h/t Possum]

[Top image: Photocollage of the colors of the moon by Marcella Giulia Pace, h/t Paul Y.]

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