Today’s Headlines: “WE MADE HISTORY”

This is what I found when I opened the paper this morning:

Hillary History Paper

This is the first time in history a political party has nominated the subject of an ongoing FBI investigation.

Please do not harass the advertiser; compliment them for product placement instead. Image resized and cropped from my MojoFone .jpeg. No photoshop.

BHO 24/8

[Found here. Post updated.]

MSM forecast for 24/8/11 through 6/11/12
Expect frequent Obamas, interspersed with light Romneys, and an occasional morning Paul. Early polling Perrys, originating in the SW, are spreading rapidly from the region. Possibility of a heavy Christie later in the season, and a Rubio Watch is in effect until further notice. Change is expected, and may happen with little or no warning. Film at 11.

The ScenicBruiser: Another One Rides The Bust

Roll up for The Tragical History Tour of all 57 States on The STIMUBUS!

To be fair, that’s the tour bus from when Obama was campaigning for President Senator Governor Mayor Teacher Community Activist, and we apologize for the innocuous snark – NOT. It appears that he’s envious of someone else’s bus tour (whose name we won’t mention, but her initials are Sarah Palin).

Doug Ross@Journal posted what is purportedly a sketch of Obama’s ScenicBruiser, but it’s intuitively obvious to the casual observer that the image was cropped [view original here; click on the image below to enlarge].

The original image was definitely cropped as it eliminated the trailer labeled “Fox” at the rear. At first we thought that it might be Michelle’s private trailer, but everyone knows that her caboose is much bigger. Therefore it must refer to FOX News, installed as a design afterthought, with a hydraulic pin to make it easy to disconnect. (And, yes, the steering wheel is on the wrong side, as Obama cruises on the left.)

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The Doctor is in, but where is Ellie Light?

These are the folks who search for stuff on the internest.  These are the same folks who find Tacky Raccoons by searching for stuff on the internest.  These are the top 20 search requests over the past year that these folks used to find stuff on Tacky Raccoons. Go figger.

  1. ferret
  2. wooly bear caterpillar
  3. batmobile
  4. motivational poster
  5. woolly bear caterpillar
  6. amputee porn
  7. giant bear
  8. babe
  9. motivational
  10. mission viejo
  11. giant caterpillar
  12. dwarf porn
  13. motivational pictures
  14. steampunk
  15. woolly bear
  16. stained glass
  17. gif animations
  18. ninja cat
  19. ferret pictures
  20. pillsbury dough boy

None of this matters, aside from being a curious list, and that I’m honestly surprised that Igde Pshat didn’t show up;  not that anyone would google it, or that anyone would search for  fuldkommen gak either for that matter. We’ve got bigger ducks to fry. It kinda bothers me that neither phrase showed up in our most-wanted google list.

I’ll get over it. Meanwhile…

The big question today is, Who is Ellie Light?

[Image found here.]

[Update: Ellie Light is found.]

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