Mayans. Gotta love ’em.

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The End Of The World Mayan Apocalypse December 2012

Mayan Apocalypse December 2012

Since we don’t know in which time zone the catastrophe begins, this may be my last post on Tacky Raccoons; otherwise, we’ll see you on Friday as usual.

[Concept unashamedly snatched from here. Somewhat appropriate apocalyptic music from Skeeter Davis here.]

Australia Blackout Dexember 2012

Australia Blackout 2012

(West Poondongwalla, Australia) – Strutts News Services

Only the wealthiest of the wealthy were able to keep their lights on when the entire power grid of Australia failed just days ago, and no one knows why the continent now glows blue. Some locals blame global warming, while others point accusatory fingers at The Mayans for their probably prophetic Calendar of Doom that caused the utility companies of Oz to hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete simultaneously and just for the hell of it.

In any case, the well-to-do panicked wisely and moved inland to avoid the rising seas that subsequently swamped the coastal regions.

[There’s more info here that can’t possibly be true. Related post here.]

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