Fred G. Johnson’s Contributions To The World: Sideshow Banners

The Picasso of circus art.

Fred G. Johnson’s (1892 – 1990) banners were used to illustrate A Century of Progress for the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair His artwork also advertised the Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey and Clyde Beatty circuses.

Hired by banner painter Harry Carlton Cummins to clean equipment and stick up banners, Cummins taught Johnson how to paint them, which he did, producing as many as four a day. The art is fast, subjective and made to deadline.

Not to be confused with the great Fred Johnson, bass singer for The Marcels.

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Just another blockhead

It’s kind of disgusting, but here’s How the Human Blockhead Trick Works.

Image captured by American photographer Joel-Peter Witkin.
Much of his work is twisted and creepy, presumably due to what he witnessed as a child, and NSFK. You’ve been warned.

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