Sometimes One Detail Makes All The Difference.

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Saddened by the loss of his long-time hunting friend Inqui, Suaciq O’Neil mourns in front of a Fuji Kōgaku camera with a 50mm lens using 400+ASA film pushed to 1000, with a manually reduced f-stop that he mentally calculated as being in the realm of either 20/3×0.5, 21/3×0.5, 22/3×0.5, 23/3×0.5, or 24/3×0.5, and with an octopod for stability in the frozen arctic wind.

Watch out where the huskies go,” he warned.

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Sushi for Squirrels

Sometimes you’re just hungry enough to eat it.

One story I read about the phrase “to eat crow” claims it went back to the War of 1812. Because there were no grocery stores on or near the battlefields (let alone anywhere), an occasional cease fire allowed the combatants to go hunting, while at the same time respecting the battle lines.

Seems that one of the rebels crossed that line while hunting for food, and shot a crow. A Brit caught him at gunpoint in British territory and disarmed him. The Brit, commenting that the Yank was not respecting the ceasefire, told the Yank to get the bird, and take a bite. The Yank, at gunpoint, did as directed.

As the cease-fire rules were still in effect, the Yank commented on the Brit’s firearm, that it appeared to be of very high quality, well machined, good stock, etc. The Brit, honoring the cease-fire, was flattered, and allowed the Yank to inspect his weapon.

The Yank then turned the weapon on the Brit, presented the crow (with one bite out of it) and said, “Okay. Now finish it.”

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