The .Gif Friday Post No. 736 – Blobbygirl, A Paper Octopus & The Leaf Master

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Saddened by the loss of his long-time hunting friend Inqui, Suaciq O’Neil mourns in front of a Fuji Kōgaku camera with a 50mm lens using 400+ASA film pushed to 1000, with a manually reduced f-stop that he mentally calculated as being in the realm of either 20/3×0.5, 21/3×0.5, 22/3×0.5, 23/3×0.5, or 24/3×0.5, and with an octopod for stability in the frozen arctic wind.

Watch out where the huskies go,” he warned.

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Yep. It’s Time Again to Wash Your ‘Pods.

Wash Your Cephalopods_Demonicious 081128

Cold water, gentle cycle, no bleach, then line dry so they don’t shrink up. Cool iron only, no steam.

Wash them twice a year only, in March and August (it’s not too late for this season), and your hats should last a lifetime.

Better yet, have a ‘Pod Wash Party like we did last week. While the hats were drying, they cooled the patio as well.  If you folks have had a ‘Pod Wash recently, post your stories in the comments. (Don’t be shy… just about everybody has at least one tale to tell!)

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Seriously dead predator of the deep in preparation for the New Zealand Calamari Festival.

This Colossal Squid, caught in 2003, has been thawed and is being professionally dissected by The Society of Professional Squid Dissectors (TSPSD).  Video is promised by the second link below.

Tentacle clubs with swiveling hooks.

Mid-arm suckers and hook.

Squid Beak.
Prolly capable of cracking macadamia nuts if it wanted to.

[Appropriately enough, the source is Inky Circus; Images and captions in italics from The Museum of New Zealand. Related cephalopod posts here and  here.  Oh, yeah, and here, too.]

Rubik’s Cephalopod

Dorset, UK (Strutts News Services) – British scientists on an after-hours bender decided that the world needs to know if octopi are ambidextrous or prefer one tentacle over the rest.  The problem was to decide on a procedure.

If they’re so bloody smart, LET’S GIVE THE SLIMY BASTARDS RUBIK’S CUBES!” blurted one, and after another round of scrumpy, the panel agreed.

Once they recovered from their collective hangovers, they collected 25 octopi and 25 Rubik’s Cubes and let the games begin.  Scientist Bonnie Phumph of the Sea Life Centre in Weymouth, Dorset, remarked, “It’ll be very interesting to see the results,” apparently referring to the government research grant money.

No news yet on the success of the cephalopod subjects’ cerebral solutions, although an early leaked report indicates that two of the tentacled brainiacs peeled off the colored labels in frustration, and a third dismantled its Cube and cracked the smaller cubes into fragments.

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