We’re Voting For Obama Because He Says Mitt Romney Wants To Eat Our Grand Children

That’s not a photoshop. That’s an awesome Halloween costume.

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Cephalopods: Cats of the Deep


New York, NY (Strutts News Services) –   Thursday,  Whoopie Goldberg, Barbara Walters, Joy Behar and Sherri Shepard (while berating Elizabeth Hasselbeck for daring to argue logic and common sense) were approached by a creature of superior intelligence from the studio audience of “The View,” and didn’t even notice.  All suffered severe palp scrapes and abrasions. No beak bites were reported. Film at 11.


It’s intuitively obvious to the casual observer that this stuff really works. Just one drop and you’re free from you-know-what. I don’t need it, but I bet YOU do…


And if the Magic CephaloDrops don’t work, RIDE ‘EM! The danger is you gotta break ’em first. Teach ’em to stay on the track.


Mr. Bittman has absolutely no respect for the sentient.  He’s just asking for a double-palp smackdown, right square in his crackerbockles.


Ignore the misspelling and the erroneous apostrophe, and the fact that a large octopus could easily kick a moray eel’s ass. It’s still a cool sketch.

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Seriously dead predator of the deep in preparation for the New Zealand Calamari Festival.

This Colossal Squid, caught in 2003, has been thawed and is being professionally dissected by The Society of Professional Squid Dissectors (TSPSD).  Video is promised by the second link below.

Tentacle clubs with swiveling hooks.

Mid-arm suckers and hook.

Squid Beak.
Prolly capable of cracking macadamia nuts if it wanted to.

[Appropriately enough, the source is Inky Circus; Images and captions in italics from The Museum of New Zealand. Related cephalopod posts here and  here.  Oh, yeah, and here, too.]

Hug it. Go on, hug it. See what happens to YOU.

I really don’t get Anime, but this is downright creepy, with tentacles and stuff.  Just look into her eyes and you can see the thousands of entrapped helpless souls silently screaming to get out.  Pure evil.

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