Saturday Matinee – Stuff + 3xSmoke + HRL

“Germany’s Funniest Home Videos?” [Via Phils Phun.]

Politically ignorant animation, but Bunk finds it funny (coupla entirely unnecessary F-bombs, though). [Via Kitty’s Saloon.]

“Smoke Smoke Smoke.” Here’s Tex Williams’ original deal. (Tell me that rap didn’t start in 1947.)

Commander Cody’s 1973 take… Here’s to Dolph for those two.

Commander Cody & the Lost Planet Airmen: Excellent cover of Phil Harris’ “Hot Rod Lincoln.” (Video cuts off that last “Hot-Rod-Lincoln” with the coda. That’s just not right.)

What a slick prank. [Via Bits & Pieces.]

17 June 2008 – Mark your calendars for the Firefox Guinness Book of World Records Download! Pass it on!

It’s Snacky Time!

These folks ain’t got NOTHIN’ on the Lunch Lady, and they’ve got all the food color groups covered, too.

“Please, sir, may I have some urchins?”
“If you don’t eat yer snails, you can’t have any urchins! How can you have any urchins if you don’t eat yer snails?!”

[Bigger images can be salivated upon here. Kinda sorta related posts here, here and here.]

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