Saturday Matinee – Billy Preston, Little Milton w/ Jimmie Vaughan, Popa Chubby


Billy Preston “Outta Space” 1973.

No info on that vid, except that Jimmie Vaughan introduced Little Milton and gave him the floor to play “That’s What Love Will Make You Do.”

Popa Chubby live at the Chesterfield Cafe (2006?) with his heavily-modified version of Chick Willis’  “Stoop Down Baby.”

From the Utoobage Comments:
“This guy rocks. I played at an open mic a few nights ago and right after I went off he walked in. He ended up doing a set with the house band for the next 3 hours, he used my gear! I hope some of his mojo rubbed off on my amp. He has one sick tone, I didn’t think my amp could sound as good as he did haha.”

Sorry for the late post, been kinda busy in meatworld. Have a great weekend.


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