4 May 1970 Kent State – Remember Always


KSU Taylor Hall parking lot

Remember Always that this atrocity was planned and choreographed, not by students of Kent State University, not by the City of Kent Police Department, not by the Governor of Ohio, not by the Ohio National Guard, and not by the Nixon administration.

Many poor decisions were made by people in charge in the days leading up to this atrocity, but those who deliberately set up the scenario for purely political reasons are the ones who deserve the blame for the injuries and lives of innocents. Those people were self-identified socialists, fascists, communists and anarchists, and that’s not conjecture. The people who incited the violence freely admitted it, and were indeed proud of it.

They wanted it to happen, and they made it happen.

Kent State University was chosen, just like Ferguson Missouri was chosen, just like Baltimore Maryland was chosen.

Never forget.

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2 Responses to “4 May 1970 Kent State – Remember Always”

  1. Invisible Mikey Says:

    This article, and your previous ones on the subject, are so distorted (due to a complete lack of historical context) as to be useless to readers. Instead of wasting my time debunking your work line by line, here’s a more accurate version, written by an Emeritus Professor of Sociology AT Kent State. Read it, and begin to educate yourself:


  2. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Invisible Mikey–

    My purpose for this post (and those previous) is to commemorate the date and little more. I’m not a historian, but thanks for the link. Here’s another one.

    I assume you remember the SDS, their political makeup, and what their goals were. They didn’t suddenly appear on the Kent State campus in 1970, and remnants of the socialist/communist factions were still there when I was a student. We laughed at them.

    I remember Professor Jerry M. Lewis. He was always a speaker at the May 4th anniversary protest rallies organized by the “May 4th Task Force.” We laughed at them, too, as they tried to stir up more trouble, especially in 1977, and I remember what tear gas smells like.

    Lewis’ and Hensley’s research may be well documented and exhaustive, yet there is a detectable (and understandable) bias as they are/were both KSU professors at the time of the shootings. The link you posted (a handout for high school students) is necessarily brief, but omits references to important events that lead up to the protests and the burning of the ROTC building. My contention is that the events were not spontaneous.

    Thanks again for the link. I saved a copy.


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