4 May 1970 – Remember Kent State

Remember who organized it.

Remember the purpose of the organizers.

Remember who got killed because of it.

Remember that it was exactly what the organizers wanted.






Saturday Matinee – Las Vegas

I can’t bring myself to post anything remotely light-hearted or amusing, so we’ll leave it at this.

Please pray for the dead, their friends, their families, and especially pray for the witnesses who will remember and relive this horrific event for the rest of their lives.


4 May 1970 Kent State – Remember Always

KSU Taylor Hall parking lot

Remember Always that this atrocity was planned and choreographed, not by students of Kent State University, not by the City of Kent Police Department, not by the Governor of Ohio, not by the Ohio National Guard, and not by the Nixon administration.

Many poor decisions were made by people in charge in the days leading up to this atrocity, but those who deliberately set up the scenario for purely political reasons are the ones who deserve the blame for the injuries and lives of innocents. Those people were self-identified socialists, fascists, communists and anarchists, and that’s not conjecture. The people who incited the violence freely admitted it, and were indeed proud of it.

They wanted it to happen, and they made it happen.

Kent State University was chosen, just like Ferguson Missouri was chosen, just like Baltimore Maryland was chosen.

Never forget.

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May 4 1970 – Kent State

Kent State 4 May 1970

Remember Always that this atrocity was planned and choreographed, not by students of Kent State University, the City of Kent Police Department, the Ohio National Guard, or the Nixon administration.

KSU was chosen.

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Remember Kent State – 4 May 1970


Remember Always
Who Set It Up and Who Paid The Price

It began when left-wing activists from off-campus arrived by bus on Friday May 1 1970 to host a May Day protest rally.
Kent State, a small university in northeast Ohio, had been chosen.

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Kent State Day – 4 May 1970


Many sequential decisions and errors in judgment resulted in the deaths of Four Innocents, yet few condemn the true perpetrators.

After reviewing many videos posted on the utoobage about the event, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a lot of fabrication going on in the “information age,” just as there was in 1970 with the campus infiltrators.  One pathetic moron even posted a video that claims the atrocity happened in April 1970.

History teaches valuable lessons, but rewriting history and exploiting the deaths of The Innocents to push a political agenda  is truly despicable.

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