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4 May 1970 Kent State – Remember Always

Monday, 4 May 2015

KSU Taylor Hall parking lot

Remember Always that this atrocity was planned and choreographed, not by students of Kent State University, not by the City of Kent Police Department, not by the Governor of Ohio, not by the Ohio National Guard, and not by the Nixon administration.

Many poor decisions were made by people in charge in the days leading up to this atrocity, but those who deliberately set up the scenario for purely political reasons are the ones who deserve the blame for the injuries and lives of innocents. Those people were self-identified socialists, fascists, communists and anarchists, and that’s not conjecture. The people who incited the violence freely admitted it, and were indeed proud of it.

They wanted it to happen, and they made it happen.

Kent State University was chosen, just like Ferguson Missouri was chosen, just like Baltimore Maryland was chosen.

Never forget.

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May 4 1970 – Remember Kent State

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

It all started when anti-war protesters from off-campus showed up by Friday, 1 May 1970 to host a May Day protest rally. That night, a handful of idiots decided that it was a good idea to get drunk and start trashing Water Street. The police quelled the violence within an hour.

The Police Department contacted the Mayor who contacted the Governor of Ohio who contacted the National Guard.

The next day, the National Guard was on campus. That Saturday night another handful of idiots decided to set fire to the ROTC building, and sabotaged Fire Department’s efforts to stop the blaze by slashing the hoses.

The National Guard was made up of young men the same age as the students. Not much happened on Sunday, 3 May.

On Monday, 4 May, the agitators cranked it up a notch, and someone in the National Guard gave the order to shoot across the Prentiss Hall parking lot from the front of Taylor Hall, the School of Architecture Building. Four students were killed, nine wounded.

There was a lot of overreaction on 4 May 1970, but who lit the fuse? The handful of vandals that started throwing rocks and bottles on Water Street, or the handful of idiots who burned the ROTC building on campus? What about the rally organizers who were neither students nor residents of Kent, Ohio, and arrived by the busload? Unless I’m mistaken, none of them were ever brought to trial. It was entirely the National Guard’s fault. Right.

Note that the sub-genius that produced this video and posted it on the Utoobage got the date wrong (a lot of the “documentaries” have blatant factual errors), and the original version had the requisite soundtrack: “Ohio” by CSN&Y.

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Miss Mary Eileen, My Second Favorite Babysitter

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

This is a true story.

Several times in my childhood my parents abandoned me, but they always left me with a baby sitter, a complete stranger who they paid, just to keep her honest. My favorite babysitter was Veronica. She wore velour sweaters and had a faint little mustache. I had a kindergarten-age crush on her because she was nice.

My second favorite babysitter was Miss Mary Eileen. Now SHE was a freakin’ hoot.

That’s Miss Mary Eileen on the left with her cousin Miss Bevel.

They both lived in a house that was walking distance from mine.

Miss Mary was my favorite. She was a lot of fun. Let us climb on the furniture and stuff. She liked rock n’ roll, too, and brought over 45s of songs my parents wouldn’t allow me to listen to.

Later on, Miss Eileen married a handyman named “Lefty.”  I don’t recall his real name, and they moved into a townhouse up the hill.

Mary and her husband opened up a successful restaurant/bar that was very popular, especially with the left-leaning bohemian crowd.

She and her husband raised four sons (youngest 10, eldest 20 in this pic from 1998).

Here’s her youngest son Bobby (nicknamed “Wilt the Tilt” by his classmates) in his senior year in High School, in front of his grandfather’s house.

Eventually Mary and her husband retired to this comfy little cottage in the same neighborhood she grew up in, and they lived happily ever after.


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