Wire Frame WIN



An outline overlay reconstructs the damaged Heidentor, a 4th century AD Roman victory monument in Austria.

[Image & caption with link found here.]


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4 Responses to “Wire Frame WIN”

  1. wheels Says:

    Reminds me of what I saw on a trip to eastern Europe (Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria). When they put up scaffolding around a monument or building for repair work, they put up screening fabric printed with an image of what it looks like.

    I’ve got a photo here.

  2. Bunk Strutts Says:

    wheels – Very cool. I might steal that.

  3. wheels Says:

    Feel free. I just uploaded it today so I could put in a link, instead of only describing it.

  4. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Muchisimas grassyass. I took your photo, enhanced it a tad, and it’s in the queue for tomorrow (with credit link).

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