Malacophilous Hot Links

You Tell Her – I Stutter, The Georgians (1923).
The Georgians were a subset of the Paul Specht Orchestra. Specht had a gig at the Hotel Alamac in New York City in 1920. The orchestra played music for dancing in the ballroom and afterwards a smaller version of the group that went by the name of the Georgians played in the cocktail lounge.

The Wrestling Match.

It’s Gonna Work Out Fine.

Mission Impossible Theme.

The Good The Bad & The Ugly.

C D B. D B S A BZ B. I 8 D BZ B.”

Comparison of Quetzalcoatlus vs. Cessna 172 .

Black Mambo Dog Hats are sold out… thank God.

Metallic Pony Ant workers are gamergates and can reproduce without Metallic Pony Ant queens. BTW, their painful sting might kill you.

[Top & bottom images from Children of the Streets (London 1954).]

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Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

2 thoughts on “Malacophilous Hot Links”

  1. Congrats on your anniversary Bunk. Haven’t been here since the Kluck Klams dialogue last year. I was reminded when Rosa made a comment recently, and I visited to find you had a link to another of my favorite topics: ANTS!

    I’m an an amateur myrmecologist, and it’s not often I see posts about gamergates, except on Ant Wiki. I liked the links and loved the use of Metallic Pony Ant.

    I get a kick out of the common names of other Australian ants – Topless Cannibal, Bearded Meat, Holy Shield, Eared Foaming, Dome-Headed Tyrant, and my all time favorite: the Genial Killer ant.

    The Metallic Pony reminded me of a recent news story based on a scientific paper about a blue metallic wasp in Florida. The news folks misunderstood the name – Metallic Navy – and said it was a member of an insect group called the Metallic Navy Insects. I can just imagine Metallic Navy ships loaded with Metallic Ponies invading the US!

    BTW, I visited the site telling how to treat the stings and it said you first need to ask yourself some questions, including “Were you stung inside your nose or mouth?” I feel that if you don’t already know the answer to that question maybe you should leave the whole ant thing to someone else.


    1. Mr. Fremount–

      Nice to see you again. You were one of my favorites in Pogo.
      Regarding the ants, I threw three random words at a google search and Metallic Pony Ants came up. From there I learned about gamergates, and the rest is history.

      Scariest wasp I ever saw was a Tarantula Hawk, but I thought it was just a big roach with pumpkin-colored wings – until it flew off and I saw the huge stinger. I lucked out.


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