Saturday Matinee – The Quantum Creep (2007), G.E. Smith, Ally Venable w/ Buddy Guy, and Lonnie Brooks & Sugar Blue w/ the Nicholas Tremulis Orchestra

This is the work of  Billy Blob.
Sundance Film Festival award-winning short Bumble Beeing Part 1 – The Butterfly Effect (2002) has the back story, and Mr. Butterfly later agreed to do a Special Commentary interview.

“I started playing around the age of four, and started getting good at seven.” G.E. Smith is an unpretentious and underrated guitar player with an impressive resume, best known as the pony-tailed bandleader for The Saturday Night Live Band. The song is a cover of Robert Johnson’s 1936 recording of 32-20 Blues, which itself is a remake of Skip Jame’s 22-20 Blues.(1931).

Buddy Guy with Ally Venable (and vice versa) is a killer match up. From Venable’s studio album Real Gone (2023).

Chicago legends Lonnie Brooks and James Sugar BlueWhiting jammed with the Nicholas Tremulis Orchestra in 1999.

And that’ll do it for this installment. Have a great weekend and we’ll have a sit down on the back porch tomorrow.


Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

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