Saturday Matinee – Blender CG Compilation, Richard Hell & The Voidoids, Mountain Music & Joe Bonamassa

I’m on the Blender email list, and occasionally they link to video tutorials/demos. I don’t use the CG program, but its capabilities blow me away. The guy who compiled the animations ran out of audio at about 03:10 but dealt with it pretty well.

In 1965, David Hoffman filmed some genuine hill music from the mountains of North Carolina for a television documentary. Music starts at 04:28. (If you want to hear the four and a half minute lead in, start at 00:00.) Hoffman filmed those same musicians in the best clogging video you’ll find.

This animated cartoon music video of Richard Hell and the Voidoids‘ single “The Kid with the Replaceable Head” (Radar, 1979) was created by Washington D.C. kid’s show “Pancake Mountain.” The song was written by Richard Hell, and this recording was produced by Nick Lowe.

2009 Joe Bonamassa sounds a lot like 1974 Robin Trower. I like it.

Have a great weekend or something. More to come.

Saturday Matinee – The South Memphis String Band, Bascom Lamar Lundsford & The Allman Bros. Band

The South Memphis String Band is a bit traditional and a bit unorthodox in their approach to country bluegrass and blues. Here’s their version of “Jesse James.”

“Jesse James” was first recorded by Bascom Lamar Lundsford in 1924. He played and promoted traditional Appalachian folk music and styles from the previous century.

The Allman Brothers‘ version of “One Way Out,” recorded live on 2 November 1972 in Hempstead, New York:

“Ain’t but one way out baby,
Lord I just can’t go out the door;
Ain’t but one way out baby, and
Lord I just can’t go out the door;
‘Cause there’s a man down there,
might be your man I don’t know.”

Here’s a brief history of the song with links to earlier recordings.

Have a great weekend, folks. More fun is on the way.

The 2014 Winter Hot Links

2014 Russia Olympics

How to make a wooden Viking beer mug with a hatchet and a knife. I’d use the rawhide method.

Better yet – how to scout and set up a whiskey still in the hills of Appalachia. The late Popcorn Sutton is his own live narrator on this 96 minute video, entitled, “This Is The Last Damn Likker Run I’ll Ever Make.” Take the time to watch it.

Interesting comparative photo essay of differing people of the U.S.

Large Brass Industrial Man Template is a great title for that post.

The True Story of The Simpsons.

Ohio State School For The Blind Marching Band accompanied the OSU  Marching Band for “script Ohio” September 2013.

Amy Oops has free tickets for something. Go for it.

Girls and whale sharks.

Top image refers to this story. KGB, NSA, what’s the difference.

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