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A Nationalized Police Force Looks Like This.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Future US National Police Force

Future US National Police Force 2

Future US National Police Force 4

Future US National Police Force 3


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In Memory of Erin O’Keefe

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Mountain Rats 1876 a

A somber ceremony at Pike’s Peak 1876. The dangers of the new frontier were many, and there were many horrible ways one could part from the living.

Mountain Rats 1876

The U.S. Signal Service (an early Weather Bureau) built a telegraph station on the summit [of Pike’s Peak] in 1873 to monitor the weather, and a guard was posted in Manitou at the beginning of the trail to collect a toll for hiking to the summit.

In May of 1876, tragedy befell the O’Keefe family when their daughter Erin was apparently eaten by mountain rats. The true story may be found here.

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Happy Times – The Modern Woman

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The Joys_gimcrack hospital 090929

Depending on the task, the modern woman should change her frock between duties such as to keep herself presentable for when her husband returns home. The modern woman should also have a variety of aprons to wear to compliment her daily wardrobe in case the husband arrives home early.

The modern woman is also advised to wash her wardrobe and aprons by hand on a daily basis such that her husband don’t be comin’ home from the plant and be findin’ y’all stinky and stuff.

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