1919 Amusement Park Ride Allows You to Die in a Sitting Position

From Electrical Experimenter magazine, December 1919:

“In the circus we are used to seeing a person “loop-the-loop” or turn a somersault in mid-air while in an automobile, the vehicle and its passengers landing right side up on a properly inclined platform, down which it glides to earth. Our artillery experts can compute with extreme accuracy the trajectory of various projectiles, both large and small, and thus it should be quite possible, with the aid of modern mechanical engineering technique, to build one of these aerial passenger rocket amusements successfully. The gun out of which is the shell or rocket, with its human cargo is shot, may be operated by compressed air, by powder, or it may be an electromagnetic gun.”

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The .Gif Friday Post No. 585 – Pizza Face Belch, No Running In The House Cat & Your Time Is Up.

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The .Gif Friday Post No.527 – Jacuzzi Bubbles, The Ethics Train & Love Fool

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“When Death Rides the Rubber” – Popular Mechanics, December 1932

Okay, so who the Hell gave Death a drivers’ license so it could pull this crap in the first place? Why is he selling used tires?

The used tire business has been around for decades, and there’s deceit involved. Check out this recent video:

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“Hi Honey, I’m home. Did you remember to feed the cats?”

Man Eaten By Cats

The Illustrated Police News, 19th century

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In Memory of Erin O’Keefe

Mountain Rats 1876 a

A somber ceremony at Pike’s Peak 1876. The dangers of the new frontier were many, and there were many horrible ways one could part from the living.

Mountain Rats 1876

The U.S. Signal Service (an early Weather Bureau) built a telegraph station on the summit [of Pike’s Peak] in 1873 to monitor the weather, and a guard was posted in Manitou at the beginning of the trail to collect a toll for hiking to the summit.

In May of 1876, tragedy befell the O’Keefe family when their daughter Erin was apparently eaten by mountain rats. The true story may be found here.

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The .Gif Friday Post No. 218 – Glad Bag Sale, Floor Ninjas & The Pandas Of Death


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Saturday Matinee – Hatebird, Deathkitty, Spadina Bus, Magic Bus & the BorgMobile

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Metro found this oddity.  Reminded me of Karma Ghost, now on the Utoobage.

Spadina Bus:  Great find by Gabriel, who tried to hide it in the comments.

Can’t believe that this one rolled in 1968. I want it.

I was looking for a song that I heard in the mid-seventies that had these lyrics:

I want to be a bus;
I want to be a big bus;
I want to bus the world around;
I want to be the biggest bus to ever bus the world around.

The google machine didn’t help; neither did the Utoobage search. Meh.

And Now For Our Feature Presentation:
Ernest Borgnine On The Bus (Part 1).

Tweety Bird Dead at 67


Palm Springs, California (Strutts News Services) – Long admired yet not forgotten, Robert “Tweety Bird” Balderstien passed away at the age of 67 at his ranch home in Palm Desert, Southern California.

Robert Svenson Balderstien, hatched in 1942 in Suffolk, Massachusetts, by immigrant parents, adapted to the stage early, despite his hydrocephelitic condition. Contrary to popular belief, his medical condition did not cause his speech impediment, and for years he battled the stereotype.

Balderstien also rejected the contention that he was female, and fought the resulting insinuations and innuendos all his life before retiring in seclusion in Palm Desert, California.

sylvester-tweety“I never said, ‘I tawt I taw a puddy tat.’  I have perfect enunciation, but Warner Brothers chose to overdub my voice, and I was stuck with it ever since.”

Longtime friend and companion, Sylvester The Cat, also of Palm Desert, gave a touching eulogy that ended with, “Yeah.  I’ll mith him the motht. He alwayth thought he thaw me, and motht timeth he motht thertainly did.”

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