Mellow Yellow


What a fun guy to have around. I’m pretty sure his dad starred in “The Prisoner” TV series as “Rover.”

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Inflatable Cow Head. Why the F not.

Hungarian artist Géza Szöllősi is someone I’d like to meet, if only to ask, “What the hell’s wrong with you?”

Here’s a guy sitting around surfing the internet on taxidermy and a lightbulb goes off in his head. “Hey guys! Check it out! I’m gonna put a basketball bladder into a cow’s head!” and all his buddies snort Dreher’s beer out of their noses and spill their tallboys onto their laps to give him an enthusiastic thumbs up.

It’s Me Hot, Mon

Got yer Halloween costume picked out yet? No? Well here’s just the accoutrement for you, an inflatable tam, just like the ones popularized by real Rastafarians. One size fits most, so if you’re a fathead you can’t wear it, and anyone who wears one of these is by default a fathead. Rock steady, mon.

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More Great Gift Ideas (and some are Assorted!)

inflatable snake swords_The Toy Zone 090709

Wow. I’ve been looking for a dozen assorted Inflatable Snake Swords for years, if only to have a crazy sword fight. If you swing one ISS and miss, the snakehead homes in on and bites your enemy right in the crackerbockles before deflating. Ouch. Crazy.

Light-Up Expando Swords

On the other hand, these Light-Up Expando Swords come with a built-in choking hazard. Swing one at your enemy and it breaks up into little weaponettes that fly screaming right down his/her/its throat. These weapons of mass illumination go for $14.99/dozen, so maybe they’re better for self defense after all, but they’re definitely not assorted.

Foam Swords

Foam Swords + Duct Tape are an entirely different class of weaponry, to be covered in a future post. Meanwhile, don’t mess with ANYONE who displays little cows with crescent moons on his/her foam sword sheath. These people are dangerous, and THEY play for keeps.

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Blow it out your Bounce House

“Daddy! Daddy! Were you watching?! I’m a Bunny Poop! Watch me! Watch me, Daddy! I’m gonna be a BIG Bunny Poop! Watch me!”

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[Strutts News Services update– Mozilla has recorded over 10 million downloads of FireFox 3.0 in their attempt to break the Guinness World Record of most downloads within a 24 hour period. Lookee here.]

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