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Saturday Matinee – A NY Mom, The Paladins, The Fabulous Thunderbirds & The Stray Cats

Saturday, 5 June 2021

If you have children or grandchildren in public school, or know someone who does, watch this before YouTube takes it down.

Now for the fun stuff.

The Paladins were/are an underrated but great 3-man flat head six rockabilly band. I saw them decades ago opening for The Fabulous Thunderbirds at the original Golden Bear.

That’s the original T-Bird lineup from 1980
Jimmie Vaughan (guitar)
Kim Wilson (harmonica)
Fran Christina (drums)
Keith Ferguson (bass)
covering Slim Harpo‘s Baby Scratch My Back.

Brian Setzer & The Stray Cats did Eddie Cochran righteously in 1981. (Wanna feel old? Look at Brian Setzer now.)

That’s gonna do it for now. Have a great weekend, see you back here tomorrow and we’ll, um, you know. Do stuff.

Saturday Matinee – The HorrorPops, The M3T30RS, Billy Bacon & The Forbidden Pigs, The Stray Cats, and Eddie Cochran

Saturday, 5 February 2011

I don’t know how The HorrorPops missed showing up on my radar screen. Too much awesome in this psychobilly band from Denmark.

Before The HorrorPops came these guys.  The M3T30RS‘ version of “Rawhide” ain’t too bad, especially considering they’re from the U.K., and according to some are the originators of psychobilly.

Antedating The M3T30RS  came San Diego’s own Billy Bacon & The Forbidden Pigs, presented here in a gloriously crappy 35mm film. The missus and I were fortunate to see FP at their prime. Great show.

Just prior to The Forbidden Pigs, there were The Stray Cats, but y’all know about them.

Before The Stray Cats were even born, there was Eddie Cochran, arguably one of the most successful early Rockabilly recording artists. Sure it’s lipsynching but he faked the entire crowd out with the giant TV set, and his fans were given free chewing gum just to go along with it.

With that, have a great weekend, folks. See y’all back here tomorrow.

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