What If They Enforce It?


(Tip ‘o the fez to SH. Photo source unknown.)

PBF Kicks Dead Brain Cells to Life


Perry Bible Fellowship is one of the cleverest single panel comic strips I’ve seen in a long time, online or off. For those of you with kids, there are a few of them that push the PG-13 boundary. It’s a “why didn’t I think of that?” kind of a strip… Mad Magazine meets National Lampoon as edited by Steven Wright.

U.S. Homeland Security Breach Thwarted


Douglas, AZ (Strutts News Services) — For the first time in recent memory, the U.S. government released details of the Homeland Security Virtual Border Fence in action. The virtual barrier was put to the test Thursday.

Two illegal aliens people lacking U.S. citizenship, attempted a breach before sunrise, but were stopped by the invisible barrier. They were arrested after breakfast, and released before lunch. At 4:33PM, they made their third and boldest attempt to cross, raising fists, with swords made of fomecore and acrylic paint.

Sister Starfire and husband Tor eluded authorities for several seconds before the “Virtual Screen Door” slammed shut right in their faces. Both were taken into custody again, and were sent to bed without supper.

U.S. Border Patrol Agent Collie Davis described the capture. “They didn’t look hispanic, and they both spoke fluent English. They kinda stood out, so we arrested them.”

Tor’s only comment: “I lost the Blue Orb of Power on my orc crusher. Otherwise, we would have made it. Can we get deported back to Eccleshall?”

Film at 11. Or not.

I’m the One in the Middle.


Bunk Strutts has a short history on SNTC that is preserved for posterity that you can find here: History of Bunk

Many of my SNTC posts are worse than the others, and I’ll prolly recycle some of them here, with links to the originals. After all, I’m not that original. I’m just another internet miner, making time to do what you don’t have time for, and all in fun.

By the way, the photo came from a guy who found someone’s family album at swap meet in southern California, and couldn’t bear to just throw ’em away, so he posted them here.

Review the photos, then tell me that you don’t know these people.