War Machines

Collected from around the internest.
The beast at the bottom was found live by Pam M.

More beasts and Babe Magnets in this archive.

The Little Ones

I found these in a file titled “Mini” stashed away behind the rec room couch hidden underneath the cat stuff, and there were no sources listed. Maybe I snagged them from an image search a while back, or possibly I found them on Pinterest, but they’re just too cool to throw away.

Grumpkin 2020

The sketch & template are mine, the missus did the evisceration.
Previous grumpkins here.

Happy Trails

Rhinehart’s Guitars are amazing. With this one you can play both kinds of music – Country AND Western. He’s got custom guitars for every genre you can think of including some that you can’t.

[Found here.]

Shinemobile Babe Magnet

Babe Magnet? Oh yeah. With beads and braids. One minor criticism. This would be an awesome sled if only the driver’s seat were at the other end.

[Found here.]

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