Nothing Much Happened Today.

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Saturday Matinee – Lovin’ Spoonful, Temptations & WSS

Kinda hot here the past few days, and with some unusual humidity for Bunkville, I had to turn off the a/c occasionally on a 2-hour commute just to let it de-ice. While we’re waiting for Dear President to start pushing the Affordable Air Conditioning Act, let’s spin some tunes that are too hot to handle and too cold to hold on The Saturday Matinee.

The Lovin’ Spoonful in September 1966. A few years after that song came out I discovered that John Sebastian wasn’t black, yet he had soul.

The Temptations were great, and this is one of their greatest: “I Wish It Would Rain.” According to Wiki, it was originally released as a B side to a Melvin Franklin song on Motown Records in 1967 and made it to No. 4 on Billboard’s Top 100 the following year. [The songwriter, Roger Penzabene, was distraught after finding that his wife had been cheating on him and offed himself a week after the song’s release.]

Let’s cool off with this classic. It’s got subtitles, too.

Yep, real cool, except for the pirouettes. Have a great 3-day weekend, folks.

Ruben & The Hot Links

Chet Phillips Flip Faces

Chet Phillips’ flip-face thingy is kinda fun.

This song is awesome. Ruben & The Jets’ first album was produced by Frank Zappa, (and is not the same band or record as the Mothers’ previous album “Cruisin’ With Ruben & The Jets“).

Yay! Woosk is back from a seven-month vacation!

Here’s an interesting collection of historical oddities.

Head Full Of Snakes Magazine.

Ninja Hamster House [via].

Like early 20th century animation? Tralfaz is a good place to start.

It’s Always Something.

So there you are minding your own business at the bottom of the ocean, when some pufferhead stumbles by and completely blows your cover. It’s enough to piss you off.

Well, what can you do? You’re just a kickass bitchin’ mussel-eatin’ limb-regeneratin’ starfish, with no eyes, no ears and no brain, and you crap through your feet. Yeah, run away while I’m talking to you, woosfish. Face it, you can’t even gripe about it because you don’t even have a Facebook account.


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