The .Gif Post No. 364 – Kitty Whack, Googly Dog & Spotting The Ball

Kitty Whack-a-Mole
Googly Dawg
Spotting The Ball
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Get Down

This reminds me of when I ran out of dishwasher detergent and decided that Ivory Liquid was a good substitute. Clicked ON and went to work, came home to an apartment full of suds.

The worst part was that it occurred in my dad’s apartment, and he fixed the problem so it wouldn’t happen again. He booted me out.

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Senator Joe Biden Stares Down Dictators

Wilmington, Delaware (Strutts News Services) –  According to an amazing number of news sources, Joe Biden was nominated earlier today as Obama’s VP because he’s “stared down dictators”  according to Barack Obama.

I imagine he did it just like this guy, and dictators all over the world collectively lost control of their bowels and changed their governments to democratically elected representative republics.

The world is a safer place because of Senator Joe Biden.

[UPDATE:  Strutts News Services reports 19,500 hits for a google search of “Joe Biden stared down dictators.” Name one dictator that Biden “stared down” and the results of that stare down.  The world is waiting.]

[UPDATE 2: Here.]

[UPDATE 3:  Welcome Malkinites!]

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