Get a Frank at 10AM PDT from Jim Woodring

That’s Frank, with loyal companions Pupshaw and Pushpaw, and Jim Woodring has an online fire sale today. More info here.

3D Hot Links


Moulay Hassan, Crown Prince of Morocco, hates it when you try to kiss his hand. PROOF.

THE CLASSIC LIST of things purportedly caused by Global Warming Climate Change as of Spring of 2012. The Owner of this blog deserves payment to keep it up to date, IMO.

I really don’t remember why I have this page bookmarked. Honest.

I do know why I have this page bookmarked, but I’m not sayin’. Honest.

A molting grasshopper with a nice soundtrack.

Fun Facts To Know And Tell: Joey Ramone sang “Duke Of Earl” backed up by The Mystics. Read that then listen to this.

[Top image from here. Frank is awesome.]

Hot Links In The Night

Interview with the amazing Jim Woodring from October 2010; here’s his website. We also support the Transnational Pupshaw Association – Official Declaration is on the right sidebar.

Swimming with a dolphin.

Remember the original theme song to the 1960s TV series “Flipper?”

To make up for the previous link, check out the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo was a busy guy.

Lots of banana art and sculpture here.

Mr. Blobby.

All things DEVO.

Frank Tends The Machine

For those of you who have never run across the artwork of Jim Woodring, you’re missing out on some of the most surreal (and sometimes disturbing) pen and inkwork that I’ve seen. Woodring based a lot of his subject matter on hallucinations he had as a child, and decided to record them on paper.

His most recognizable character is Frank, a good guy who goes on bizarre adventures, often accompanied by Madame Pupshaw (sort of a cat) and Pushpaw (sort of a dog). None of the characters speak.

We’ve posted some of Woodring’s work previously. He did me a nice favor once, so I don’t mind suggesting that you visit his store for unusual gifts for the hard to get folk.

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Another Great Gift Idea: LORBO

Skuuvuunuum LORBO indeed. If this doesn’t make you want to see Avatar, nothing will.

[Available from Jim Woodring’s store.  Sent via email from Madame Pupshaw.]

Mr. T vs. Chuck Norris vs. …FRANK?!

Sunday funnies extraordinaire.


Rarely do I laugh out loud at internest humor, but this absurd mashup is pure efficient genius.  Full story here, via here.

[Several very related archived posts may be retrieved and perused here and here.]

Saturday Matinee: Frank, Ricky, Steve, Vassar & Dickey

Jim Woodring‘s work is a few steps beyond Advanced Tublication; his “Frank” series combines 1930’s cartooning with fever-inspired nightmares. You gotta check out “The Book of Jim.” Woodring’s an excellent (if not mildly disturbed) illustrator.

The only way (in Bunk’s amateur opinion) that he could pull this off is with a stacked 2-way stripper deck, some false shuffles, false cuts, a few flourishes, and great slight-of-hand. Ricky Jay is probably The Best card manipulator in the business. [Found via Edenborough.]

Although he and John Prine wrote the The Perfect Country Western Song, the late Steve Goodman’s greatest hit was “City of New Orleans.”

Whoop!  Just found Vassar Clements and Dickie Betts on one video! Here ya go, folks.  C’mon back tomorrow for more fun!

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