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819 Yonge (SE corner of Church)

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

dead raccoon 1dead raccoon 2dead raccoon 3dead raccoon 4dead raccoon 5dead raccoon 6

[Found here, and the Twitter hashtag‘s still up.]

Babe Magnet: “Dude, like it’s green and stuff.”

Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Been a while since we’ve posted a Genuine Babe Magnet. This isn’t one of them.  Or maybe it is, despite being a non-driveable found POS with flat tires and a nitrogen/nematode power plant to propel it at a top speed of nothing with botanical detritus for the interior finish.

The exterior finish screams San Francisco, due to the 1960’s retro paint job.  Naive college age girls with their effeminate art student boyfriends decorated this, and transformed a recyclable wreck into a recyclable wreck without salvageable parts.  In other words, it’s an urban heap made worse.

This is NOT a babe magnet. It’s nothing more than an elevated canine/feline restroom with a groovy paint job, nominated to be protected as sacred street art by the SanFran Cilly Clowncil.  Haul it away.

[Image Source here. Yep, the Russians found this before we did.  Go figger.]

[Update 26 November 2008: According to loyal reader Julie, an expert on matters such as these,  it’s a Toronto absurdity, not San Francisco as assumed reported. Read her comments in the section for comments section for her comments.]

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