Ronald Lee Ermey (1944-2018) Buried With Honors.

Don’t know who Ronald Lee Ermey was? Here’s a hint. Here’s another.


Saturday Matinee – James Burke, The Offspring & Full Blown Cherry (and a Yorkshire Pudding Recipe)

I’ve posted this one before. It’s a clip from the BBC television series “Connections” (a segment from the 1978 episode entitled “The Trigger Effect“). The message is a good one, and since the missus and I are still binge-watching The Walking Dead, it seems appropriate.

Marc Bell, aka Marky Ramone (long time drummer for The Ramones) sits in with The Offspring. in 2013. This also seems appropriate due to the current rains in CA.

I don’t post many music videos that don’t have video, but I’ll make an exception for this one because it seems appropriate.

From the Utoobage description you can find your favorites:

01 Blitzkrieg Bop 00:00
02 Rockaway Beach 01:52
03 Sheena Is A Punk Rocker 02:58
04 Cretin Hop 06:55
05 She’s The One 08:44
06 Judy Is A Punk 10:54
07 The KKK Took My Baby Away 12:59
08 Teenage Lobotomy 16:06
09 I Wanna Be Sedated 18:11
10 Do You Remember Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio 20:21
11 Beat On The Brat 22:56
12 Bop ‘Til You Drop 26:08

Judy Is A Punk” in Johnny Cash style is hilarious, and Elvis singing “Beat on the Brat” is awesome. That’s enough to keep your ears full while you’re searching for Yorkshire pudding recipes that don’t turn out like pizza crusts.

The following is not a video either, but it also seems appropriate.


Have a great appropriate weekend, folks.

Saturday Matinee – John Prine (and CSN&Y)

That was the first John Prine song I ever heard, and I heard it before I knew who John Prine was, er, I mean is. (The first time I heard his name was in an introduction to a song the late Steve Goodman performed (and co-wrote with Prine) that he described as an attempt to write the best country song ever.)

Prine’s song “Souvenirs” is one of my favorites, it’s been covered by more than a few, and I may have posted it here before.

And here’s another Prine classic performed with Iris DeMent.

“So, Bunk why all these sad sentimental songs?” you ask?

Iron Fist passed away last night, and although I never met him (we only “knew” each other on the internet), his struggle to live reminded me of my own father’s demise last year. These songs are for Mrs. Fist, aka Velvet Glove.

I suppose the meaning of life is to enjoy the company of those who are still around. Rock on, my friends.

“Life ain’t no-how permanent, son.” –Pogo

Roll On, My Friend. [Updated]


He’s known around the blogosphere as Iron Fist. He’s been fighting a great battle against esophageal cancer for the past few years, and several blogs are posting tributes before he rolls on.

Prayer Request: Long Time Commenter Iron Fist Is Losing His Fight With Cancer…

Tribute: To Iron Fist!

Here’s To Iron Fist!


Update: Steve held off until he’d seen all his close friends and family, then drifted off tonight at 11:45PM EST, 11 August 2016.

819 Yonge (SE corner of Church)

dead raccoon 1dead raccoon 2dead raccoon 3dead raccoon 4dead raccoon 5dead raccoon 6

[Found here, and the Twitter hashtag‘s still up.]

Happy Mothers Day. We Hope We Made You Proud.


A lot of WTF went into making that WTFbot, but it could never have happened were it not for a loving and caring mother,  just exactly like yours.

[Found here.]

It Made Me Laugh

A lot of things have been going down outside of Tacky Raccoons that I’m involved with, and that screencap made me laugh on a number of levels. (Yeah, it’s a screencap, not a photoshop. Click on it.)

After the untimely death of Andrew Breitbart, some of his close friends and co-workers decided to do a 24 hour dj marathon, via Twitter, consisting of songs that they liked. I came in late to the show, and found that @Liberty_Chick posted the Tubes’ “Mondo Bondage.” There was some funny convergence that popped up on the screen.

I can’t explain it all here, but it has to do with Andrew Breitbart, this, and some other things I am involved with elsewhere just for fun.

That .png image at top has so many built-in contradictions and subtle innuendo that I thought it was worth a post. If you get it, great – pass it on. If you don’t, we’ll have something entirely different tomorrow.

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