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Rocket To Nowhere, Webb Wilder (2005) All you need to know:
Mississippi Musician Hall of Fame icon Webb Wilder pleases and shocks, soothes and rocks, and meets every un-expectation. Equally versed in two glorious worlds, Rock and Roll – with a strong side of Outlaw Country (Webb prefers the term “PROGRESSIVE Country”). He is a force on tour, and a tour de force. He is the Last of the Full Grown Men, as well as Roots Rock Royalty.”


Shoe shoe.

Wiggle on.

12 trollfaces.

This mannequin.

There are differences.
[via Memo Of The Air].

Behold the Kimberella.

“The Origin” made me smile.

Guido’s Towing & Body Shop, drumming up business.
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[Top image: Helga Stenzel’s Clothesline Sheep via Mme. Jujujive.]

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Saturday Matinee – Billy Strings, Webb Wilder, Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown

Billy Strings sings a sad ‘n purty one over a cool travel video.

“With his obvious love of British rock and Southern roadhouse, Wilder could be a kind of Tom Petty for the trailer set.” — San Francisco Chronicle
Webb Wilder IS the human cannon ball, y’all.

Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown cranks some blues rock that ain’t watered down at all. Bryant is married to Rebecca Lovell of Larkin Poe.

Interesting week. Kinda sped past in half the usual time for me and I’m trying to slow it down a tad. Not sure just how. See you tomorrow.

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