The .Gif Friday Post No. 722 – Colorado Slider, Little Bat Flaps & ABBA-Ka-Dabba

[Found here, here and here; h/t Aimee L. for Batbaby.]

The .Gif Friday Post No. 669 – Doggie Slider, Three Ice Angels & A Zoomfail

[1st created from vid found here; 2nd & 3rd found here and here.]

A Tortoise in Paris

This is Beyond the Valley of Awesome, 26 Gigapixels worth.

That’s a panoramic view of Paris above,  the Eiffel Tower is on the horizon at far left. The black donut in middle left is where we’re going. I didn’t believe it at first, until I zoomed in. Below are screen shots from the same image.

We zoom in a little, the Eiffel Tower is still there, skewed by the lens.

Ignore the yellow “I’s” here. On the website linked above you can use them to click for zoomed images of historical sites.

That image by itself would be worth copying and framing, IMO.

The orange dealies scattered around are clay chimney pots, vents for the flats below.

It’s likely the tortoise was photoshopped in as a prank/copyright by the professional zoomers since there is no barrier to keep it from falling off of the sheet metal roof, but I don’t care… the photo detail is still awesome. After all, look where we came from:

[Link found here. Zoom Archive here.]

More UltraZoomage: Obama’s Inauguration

I am amazed at the technology that allows one to sit a mile away (next to the only three Porta-Potties) and have a recobanizable photo taken.  These images were taken from screenprints converted to .jpg files with MSPaint, and were not doctored except for cropping.

[Note that even Jesus attended the event in his burial shroud.]





This is the Fullscreen Gigapan.  Zoom in, zoom out;  look for Elvis and Waldo.


Then I spotted Aretha Franklin with some serious mojo flyin’.

[Related inaugrabation photos here;  More UltraZoomage here.]

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