“So this guy walks into a bar, and… OH, HI!”


“So anyway, like I was saying, a guy walks into a bar and…”

Photo from InkyCircus.

One Bigas-Sarthropod


This is NOT a photoshop manipulation. Coconut crabs are the largest terrestrial arthropods known, and can have an arm spread of up to three feet. Now, as far as extra-terrestrial arthropods, um, well, go fish.

[Source: here, via Arbroath.]




[Photo source lost somewhere in the garage. If any reader knows the source, post a comment and we’ll credit it here. –Bunk]

Saturday Matinee: Karma Ghost


This magazine cover from 1956 has nothing to do with this post. It’s only here to fill up white space. (Don’t laugh. Either one of those hotsi-totsi’s might be your mother… or your grandmother, and they’re prolly in their 70’s by now. Both of the bullet-babes above knew all the words to “Hot Diggity Dog Ziggity Boom” by Perry Como, and shook their money makers to Kay Starr’s “Rock And Roll Waltz.”)

Here’s the REAL link: Karma Ghost is not available on the YouTubage, so you gotta click on it, and you’ll be glad you did.

[Magazine photo source here.]

Otis Did Not Invent the Elevator

Otis was a recurring character on the Andy Griffith Show. Otis did not invent the elevator. He invented an automatic braking system so that people wouldn’t fall to their deaths if a pulley or cable broke. His invention allowed the construction of modern day high-rise structures.

Aunt Bea invented the elevator, a shoe insert that allowed her to scold Opie without standing on a chair.

This is a true story (as far as you know).

[Photos from here and here.]

“Heckhound” Heads Home


Killduff, Iowa (Strutts News Services) – When Gerhard and Bonnie Phumph brought their blonde-labrador puppy home four years ago they made a fateful mistake. On a whim, and after a night of fun at D&T’s Tap in nearby Reasnor, they decided to name their new addition to the family “Sitt.” They were unprepared for what happened next.

Mr. Phumph describes the pup fondly. “Sitt was a fast learner. Almost like she was born speaking English… very obedient, too. She even understood the joke, ‘C’mere, Sitt! C’mere, Sitt!’ but I think she just got tired of it.”

However, Mrs. Phumph describes Sitt as “the dog from hades. Chewed up the whole darn porch couch. I’d had enough and told her to go to H-E-double hockey sticks.”

Sitt obeyed as always, found the shortest route, and dug a 30-inch diameter hole in the middle of Farm Route 57 near Sully. She hasn’t been heard from since, but is expected to emerge somewhere near Trona California by next April.

SNS newscameras will be there when it happens.

[Source: Pedigree dog food advert. Actual source for the original advertisement is unknown, but at least we credited the company.]

Cubism Carbism


Paris, France (Strutts News Services) – French automaker Citroën unveiled its latest line of economy vehicles on Thursday, named the “Picasso Series.”

Famous for providing inexpensive reliable transportation for France’s large peasant population following WWII, they have now moved forward into the Cubist Design movement of the 1920’s as they unveiled the latest in a successful line of popular automobiles.


Chief Industrial Design Engineer Evi Poignée-Bouton de Porte (photo above ca.1994) remarked, “The Picasso design, it is timeless. It shall continue to inspire all well into the Winter.”

[Both photos via No Puedo Creer, an excellent site. In English, it translates to “I Can’t Believe It!” ]

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